Converted software for Franky

One of our happy Franky users, PCEFAN, has adjusted a lot of games so they work (better) on Franky. PCEFAN also made some custom loaders for different types of memory. Of course we can not host those games here. A solution would be to host the IPS patches instead. unfortunately we don’t have the ability to host files on this WordPress site. If you know a good place to hosts the patches please let us know.

The following games are manually adjusted (please note that you still need a loader tool):

Alien Syndrome Ninja Gaiden
Alien Storm Outrun
Air Rescue Pacmania
Action Fighter Pitfall 2
Alex the Kid in BMX Trial Power Strike 2
Alex the Kid in High Tech World Quartet
Alex the Kid in Shinobi World Rastan Saga
Alex the kid in The Lost Stars Rtype
Altered Beast Sangokushi 3
Choplifter Scramble Spirits
Cloud Master Shadow Dancer
CyborgHunter Shinobi
Dynamite Dux Smurfs
Eswat Solomon No Kagi
Fantasy Zone The Maze Space Harrier
Fantasy Zone 2 Street Of Rage
Forgotten Worlds Street Of Rage 2
Gauntlet Thunderblade
Galaxy Force Time Soldiers
Global Defense Vigilante
Gokuaku Doumei Dump Matsumoto Wonderboy
KungFu Kid Wonderboy 3 The Dragons Trap
Maze Walker Wonderboy In Monster World
Mercs World Games
Moon Walker Zaxxon 3D
Ms Pacman Zillion
FantasyZone The Maze
Global Defense
Gokuaku Doumei Dump Matsumoto
KungFu Kid
Alex Kid In High Tech World
Alex Kid Bmx Trial
Solomon No Kagi
Alex kid The Lost Stars
Dynamite Dux
Wonderboy In MonsterWorld
Space Harrier
Ms Pacman
Rastan Saga
Power Strike 2
Street Of Rage 2
Street Of Rage
Action Fighter
Altered Beast
Cloud Master
Time Soldiers
Wonderboy 3 The Dragons Trap
Moon Walker
Ninja Gaiden
Shadow Dancer

New MSX Audio ROM Available

We have a new ROM for the MSX audio upgrade board. This new rom ensures better compatibility with Compile disk based games, support for loading programs from hard disk and configurations with slot expanders and multiple hardware configurations. Some users experiences lock-ups in some cases. We tested these configurations with a real Panasonic MSX Audio cartridge and we experienced the same problems. It’s safe to say that our new ROM is now more compatible than the original MSX audio ROM! We also included the default Philips Music Module program in the same rom. Pressing ESC during boot will start the default Philips Program. Pressing TAB during boot will disable the ROM completely. Because the new ROM is twice the size of our original rom some adjustments on the PCB are also necessary. Existing users who bought their expander PCB from SuperSoniqs may apply for the new ROM and needed parts without additional costs. Please contact for details. All new orders will go with the new ROM and adjustments to the PCB, starting today.

MIDI-PAC Prototype

Two days ago our prototype PCB’s for the MIDI-PAC came in from China. Shipping took much longer than expected so unfortunately we can not show a working product yet at the Dutch MSX fair in Nijmegen tomorrow. We made some pictures of the first assembled board, cartridge and art for the cartridge so you can at least have a sneak peak:

MIDI-PAC Proto Front


We keep you posted about our developments. Now it’s time to work on the software again!

Conversion tools for Franky development

Bifi has updated his Franky development page with new conversion tools for cross development from Armando Pérez Abad. These are binaries for Linux, OS-X and Win32 of:

  • SR52SMS
    SCREEN 5 to Franky Mode 4 Tile converter (8*8 pixels)
    SCREEN 5 to Franky Mode 4 Sprite converter (8*16 pixels)
  • C sources of mentioned tools
  • Z80 sources with example code of how to use Franky Mode 4

These tools can be downloaded from

Franky Mode 4 development tools

Albert Beevendorp (better known as BiFi in the MSX community) just informed us that he has put a developer webpage for Franky online. On this page you will find the latest development tools to program for Franky Mode 4. New tools are currently in development and will be released in the near future. Links to other Sega Master System development tools and information that is useful for developing on Franky is also present. Please check for details. Thanks BiFi!

New version of Franky example code

Armando has send us a new version of the Franky example code. the following routines are new or changed:
  • checkfranky changed: New version of detect routine of Franky.
  • checkrefresh: (Thanks to MKII for this code). Check if Franky card is PAL or NTSC (50 or 60hz). hz var is 1 if franky is NTSC and 0 if Franky is PAL. This code is very important for coders to control music replayers. This has to be tested with NTSC Franky cards.
  • keyint flag. You can control the interrupt with this flag. If you want the KEYINT BIOS routine enabled put value != 0 in this var.
The code and rom can be downloaded here:

Philips Music Module Expander installation manual now online

We announced earlier that we would make the Philips Music Expander available again. This excellent upgrade PCB for your Philips Music Module will turn it into a Panasonic MSX Audio compatible device. With support for the MSX Audio Basic (which you can also use to play FM-PAC basic listings on) and with 256KB sample ram included.

Philips Music Module Expander

The manual with detailed instructions how to mount the expander PCB in 12 easy steps is now online. Please check the MSX Audio Extension Upgrade Manual v1d