Autumn is coming. Luckily.

Some new or improved MSX items to cheer you up. Who needs summer anyway?

New Slotexpanders Available!

Made with super smooth black resin, it’s hard to discover this is actually 3D-printed. This time mostly with low insertion force gold plated slot-connectors. At a discount price.
Modulon – Supersoniqs

No time to look at falling leaves with this Dual Slot SD-Card Reader

A few copies left of this durable and reliable SD-Card reader with 512KB memory mapper for MSX1 and up.

Dual Slot SD-Card Reader plus 512KB Memory – Supersoniqs

A new MIDI-PAC2 batch is currently also in production!
Order MIDI-PAC2 Here

Robby, our Voice module for MSX

Yes! Ready for production! This is Robby, our Voice module for MSX. Now your best friend can talk to you too! It’s now possible to order your copy of our initial batch of 50 pieces.

Support our development here: Robby the MSX Voice Module


Supersoniqs Dark Friday Deals

Dear MSX-users, This e-mail informs you about some great Dark Friday deals. Since we produced some extra items this is your chance to get some of our products at a discount! We also added a lot of cheaper shipping options!

We have only a few Darky’s left from our second production run. This stereo sound card comes with a box, foam insert and a full-color manual.

We found out that the Super Mario World port for MSX has full Darky support! This means stereo effects in all levels, echos in underground levels and stereo conversion for MSX Music. Please check out [MSX] Darky Sound Cartridge Test. In this video you can also listen to some adjusted other MSX games that make use of the stereo PSG support of Darky.

Please note that some of the tools shown have newer versions already. They can be downloaded from his Github page here: GitHub – ToughkidDev.

MSX YouTuber ToughkidCST has made a video for first-time Darky users that can be viewed here: MSX SuperSoniqs DARKY – First Day Guide. In the video you can see how to set the parameters of Darky.

Get your Darky here!


We have a few copies left of our Modulon slotexpander with a big Dark Friday discount!

Please secure your copy here!


We have a few Neotron soundcartridges for MSX from our third batch left. To refresh your memory: with Neotron you can play many OPN soundchip sounds from various console and arcade systems. Trackers for PC and mobile devices exist. Now available for a special black friday price!

Go to the Neotron order page


We made another batch of our best selling MIDI-PACv2. MIDI-PACv2 converts all your PSG and FM-PAC/ MSX MUSIC data to MIDI data on the fly. With Windows or with an external MIDI module you can enjoy all your MSX games in full wavetable stereo.

Get your MIDI-PACv2 at our discounted Dark Friday price!

MIDI-PAC Contest!

We will give 100 euro store credit to the MIDI-pacv2 user who makes the best YouTube video in explaining how the MIDI-PACv2 configurator ( works! Please show us how you can send extra midi commands and access additional midi soundbanks of your midi-module (we’ve seen too many videos of MIDI-PACv2 use without adjusting the MIDI-PACv2 for a particular config). Let’s help each other! The contest ends on December 31st 2021.


  • Language used must be English (spoken word or inline texts in your video to explain)
  • MPconfig shows different settings and applies them, the result are shown in a game or musical program
  • The video that explains MPconfig and the overall use of the midi-pacv2 the best will win the contest
  • SuperSoniqs will decide the winner(s) before February 2022. The winner’s name will be announced in the next newsletter if the author agrees.

If there are multiple entries we’ll throw in a second and third price too. Prices for second and third place to be decided.

Did you make an mpc config file for a midi module that is not listed yet on’s website? Please share those with us. We’ll throw in some extra small prices for the best submissions too.

MPconfig and other utils can be found on the website (

Update: this campaign ended. The winner is Youtuber “SuperDeadlite” and his video can be watched here:

A lot of cheaper shipping options available!

We did some testing with shipping out MIDI-PAC’s and Neotron in Letterboxes. Since we didn’t got any complaints from you we will now offers those discounted shipment options to all our customers. Please note that these options are only available for small single items (with tracking and without tracking). Also, letterboxes are not well protected for damage during shipping because of their size. Please decide carefully.

To ease the pain for bigger items and or orders we now also offer shipping without tracking for those items. Please note though that without tracking we can not help you when packages are lost. And shipping will take some weeks extra. Still, together with our Dark Friday Deals you can save considerably on your new purchases, up to 50%!

Supersoniqs shop update

Dear MSX-users, This post informs you about all the things we did since our first announcement and also some interesting facts and news about our product line-up.
Thanks to many of you who took a giant leap of fate and pre-ordered our products since we started this shop, we could actually finish our designs and automate the production of earlier designs for faster manufacturing. Starting January of this year we were able to finally bring Darky, our stereo ePSG sound card for MSX with effect processor, to our users. We’re sorry it took so long to finish and we thank all of you for your patience! Currently, we are now busy finalising the second batch of the Darky sound card and those are now ready to order!

Youtuber ToughkidCST has made some nice videos that showcase some of the awesome things you can do with Darky. Ever wondered how Konami SCC games would sound on PSG? Or with an effect processor? Please take a look at his Youtube channel to find out. ( We are working with developers to get support in new and existing MSX games for all the features Darky has to offer. Whether you like stereo (e)PSG music and effects in all your existing MSX games, enhanced games, creating ( , compiling ( and uploading your own DSP effects, 6 channel PSG tracking ( , routing your own audio input through the effect processor (and many things more), we are sure there’s something to your liking too. More information about Darky can be found in the Darky Manual on the Darky product page on our website.

Our most complex design with more than 250 parts on the PCB comes with a nice box, laser-cut inlay, and manual. With some components currently hard to get we advise you to get Darky while stock lasts.

Go to Shop (


Currently, we are busy finalisxing a new batch of our Modulon slotexpander. For this new batch we asked Alexey Podrezov from the RBSC to design a new, more sturdy casing which will be included. For our existing Modulon users we published both the 3D Print files of the current design, as well as the new design.

So if you have access to a 3d printer and need a part reprinted or you want to try the new design please visit the Modulon product page in our webshop to download the .STL files. Thanks Alexey! Modulon comes with a 3D printed casing.


The new batch of our Multi-expander “PlaySoniq” is almost sold out. We did however automate the production process and we have all the parts ready for a new batch.

We just need your order to start production ūüėČ If you like playing Sega Master System software on your MSX, or 16MB of Ram, support for SCC/SCC-I, DAC and a real Commodore SID sound chip in one cartridge, then the PlaySoniq might be for you. Sofarun ( , the easy program runner made by Loutrax for MSX has now built-in support for our Franky and Playsoniq expanders to make gaming a breeze. Please allow 8-12 weeks before we can starting shipping out the new batch. We are working on a box with a printed manual for the PlaySoniq: this will also be made available for existing PlaySoniq users.


Our side project with one of Korea’s best MSX engineers, Jun Sung Kim, gains momentum. With Neotron you get access to the amazing sound chip of the NeoGeo game system. The last version of the powerful Deflemask tracker ( (available for many OS platforms) has support for Neogeo and can export to VGM. With Laurens Holst’s VGMplay for MSX ( and his code to include VGM music data in your own programs, there’s no excuse left not to obtain a Neotron. Good examples are the arcade port of Ghost and Goblins for MSX ( with native support for the Neotron and Kim’s videos showing playing Deflemask songs on MSX with Neotron.

We will soon start the production of the third batch. We already obtained the most important parts. Since we could obtain some parts cheaper we lowered the price of this new batch until pre-order closes.

Pre-order Neotron from our Neotron product page


We have obtained all the parts for a new big batch of MIDI-PACv2 cartridges. If you’re not familiar with MIDI-PACv2 yet: it converts all your PSG and FM-PAC/ MSX MUSIC data to MIDI data on the fly. This means that your games will sound perfect, with modern instruments in stereo while playing. Hearing is believing! With our older article ( published on our website, it is possible to configure Windows to act as a MIDI instrument, so there is no need to invest in an external MIDI device to try the MIDI-PAC out. Although a (pre-owned) Roland or Yamaha MU MIDI Module will sound great of course!

Last but not least

Last but not least: We are working with Jun Soft on a Speech Interface for MSX. Hopefully, we can showcase it and make it available later this year.

Also, we restocked the Franky PCBs if you want to build your own Sega Master System Cartridge.

Thank you for reading and until next time!

SuperSoniqs Shop is open!

Dear MSX-users, thanks to Eric Boez from Repro factory we now have our own shop! In it are most of our products you know and some new ones! Let’s order!

Easy ordering and paying

It is now possible to easy order and pay for products. For our most popular products it is now possible to place pre-orders, so we can start scouting parts and start production. In the past we could only do very small batches. With pre-orders we can order pcb’s with smd components pre-soldered so we can produce faster and reduce waiting times.
We have build some new products and we will finally produce some of our earlier products again the coming months. The PlaySoniq will be produced again after 5 years, as will the MIDI-PAC2 and Modulon. Darky, our Stereo ePSG audio expander is available for pre-order although it will take some more time to finish it. Our latest family member ‘Neotron’ is now being produced.
Go to Shop

Doramus Drum Controller

With our Doramus Drum Controller for the Guitar Hero Drum set you can finally enjoy the best Rhythm game for TurboR. Limited first batch ready for ordering and shipment.


Ever wanted to hear NeoGeo or Arcade sounds playing from your MSX? With Neotron you can! Developed with Jun Soft this VGMplay compatible OPNB cartridge with 15 extra sound channels will rock your ears!

Neotron Information

Thank you for reading!

And stay tuned, we are busy with some more MSX products which we will announce soon and add to our shop! Please allow us to close pre-ordering when maximum amounts we can produce in the next months have been reached.

MIDI-PAC2 without MIDI synth hardware

If you have your Windows PC next to your MSX setup this tip we got might be for you. There are ways to use your Windows PC as the MIDI playback device.

You need a few things. First of all, Microsoft removed support for extra midi mappers since Windows 8. You’ll need a midi mapper to install alternative playback devices for playing MIDI. There’s a default MIDI playback device installed in Windows, but the quality is low and it lacks a lot of professional features.

For Windows 8 and up, you need to install Coolsoft’s MIDI-Mapper.¬†¬†It can be downloaded from after registering for that forum.¬†Coolsoft Midi MapperThen there are several ways to install a better software synthesizer. Coolsoft’s has also made available the Virtual Midi Synth, that can be downloaded from Coolsoft’s forum and it will add a new MIDI playback device under Windows. It’s soundfont (sample based synthesis) based.

Another option is to install the S-YXG50 software synthesizer.¬†syxg50 This shareware synthesizer was released by Yamaha in 2003 and supports XG and Roland GS extensions. Basically it’s the software version of the MU-50 MIDI Sound Module.



It’s wrapped in a vSTi (plug-in software standard for audio editing programs).¬†To get it to work as a global MIDI device under Windows, you need to install a vST MIDI-driver. The vST MIDI-driver can be downloaded from ‘Mudlord’s Lair’.

usb midi


An USB to MIDI cable can be ordered from different sites. Aliexpress sells them for around $5 including shipping. You’ll also need a 5 pin din midi coupler to connect the MIDI-PAC cable to the pc midi cable, that can be bought for about $2.5, also at Aliexpress.

Further reading, viewing and listening:

1.XG MIDI Files archive.
2. Soundfont MIDI Player as better alternative for playing MIDI files midi player
Youtube video with the MIDI Player and S-YXG50 together:

3. Roland Sound Canvas vSTI obtainable as test or buy for 115 euro. Video here:

4. The LoopMIDI driver to reroute programs that want to open hardware MIDI ports under Windows to your installed software synthesizers (e.g. for playing old dos games etc.)
5. There’s also a MT-32 emulator on Github¬†(thanks Grauw). Please note that you first need to install the Coolsoft MIDI Mapper and create a loopback port with the LoopMIDI driver before you can use the emulator as the global MIDI playback instrument under Windows 8 and up.


To support legacy MIDI programs like MT-32 emulator you first need to create a virtual hardware port with loopMIDI. Then you can can select the new virtual MIDI port as the default Windows MIDI device with Coolsoft’s MIDI-Mapper.

Also, the MT-32 emu comes default without the system roms like openMSX.


After creating the hardware port with loopMIDI, you can assign it to the ‘Munt’ MT-32 emulator under the Tools menu of the MT-32 emulator (first option: ‘New midi port’). After assigning the port you can use normal Windows programs like Windows Media Player to play MT-32 files. With the Coolsoft’s MIDI-Mapper you can also easily switch between (Virtual) MIDI devices for default MIDI-Playback.

6. MT-32 files of XAK: The Tower of Gazzel and Illusion City can be found here
7. Another collection of MT-32 MIDI files can be found here. Please note that the drum channel is different on a MT-32 so these MIDI files may sound off when using another MIDI-playback device.
8. Some more MSX-themed general MIDI files at MSX Resource Center

MSX user ToughKidCST Kim made a movie with the Coolsoft MIDI mapper and Virtual Midi Synth implemented. See it in action below!

Happy listening!

Introducing Darky, the stereo ePSG soundcard with effect processor

Hi all,

You know these questions that start with “What if?”. Here at SuperSoniqs it is all about making our own “What if’s” possible. One of those was of course the lack of stereo sound in any MSX. ¬†A while ago we stumbled upon an AY8930 sound processor. It was designed¬†by General Instruments as an successor of the AY-3-8910 and sold to Microchip Taiwan together with their other chip designs. Microchip actually released it, implementations were made for PC (the infamous Sound Master) and the design was also used in a few arcade systems. The fun thing about the AY8930 is that it has two¬†different operating modes, one is AY-3-8910 compatible, and the other one is the enhanced mode. The enhanced mode of the AY8930 adds¬†separate envelopes for the three channels (as opposed to one shared envelope in the AY-3-8910), variable duty-cycles, more bits of precision for note frequency, volume, and envelope frequency, and a much¬†better¬†configurable noise generator.


But of course the main fact that it was backwards compatible with our MSX PSG made us thinking why not release a cartridge with this soundchip? And why not a cartridge with two new ePSG’s? Since these chips have separate outputs for each PSG-channel (even our MSX PSG has, but few MSX’s actually make use of this), we thought it would be nice to put each channel into a stereo mixer, so that each seperate channel can be mixed and placed into the stereo dept field (stereo panning). Also, the channel mixers used have some more functionality like treble, bass, equalizing and 3d¬†stereo spatializing.

But that’s not all. The¬†audio¬†end result of the mixed channels is fed into a SPIN FX-1 Effect processor, which has fixed effects such as echo, reverb, flange, chorus, etc. and 8 programmable effects. For this a EEprom is also part of the PCB design.

In default mode our new cartridge will start in the¬†MSX¬†PSG compatible mode, with the second PSG on a different clockspeed to create a pseudo stereo effect, usable with all existing MSX software. Registers are being¬†made to access all PSG’s in MSX or ePSG enhanced mode, and to control the mixers and effect processor. An Atmel processor and Philips CLPD are used to control all hardware on this PCB.

The ePSG stereo card has two stereo mini-jack outputs, one line-out and the other one is an amplified headphone output.

Our Darky ePSG stereo card for MSX can be ordered here:

Franky Cartridge Enclosure .STL files

Dear all,

Due to populair demand we hereby publish the .stl files of the Franky cartridge enclosure too. Some people had problems converting the Sketch-up files. With these .STL files you can 3d-print a compatible casing for your Franky project. Most professional 3d printer companies also accept these .stl files. Have fun with it.

Link to zip file containing the stl files


PlaySoniq Toolset updated, SMSSAVE released

BiFi informs us that PSQTOOLS, the toolset for the PlaySoniq module has been updated.

SMSSAVE is completely new and can savegame data for Sega Master System roms that had support for battery back-upped save states.

SMSLOAD now not only loads Sega Master System, SG-1000 and SC-3000 roms files, but also loads Sega Master System savegame data created with SMSSAVE. SMSLOAD now also supports displaying  SG-1000 and SC-3000 ROM images on the MSX VDP, because these games are TMS9918 compatible. Funny when you realise that we already had the option to use the PlaySoniq for the MSX1 screen output (with the tool DUALVDP), and can now put Sega SG and SC roms on the MSX VDP output.

BiFi uses the PlaySoniq stateful memory option to reserve one part that is then configured as SRAM and used by the loaded rom to write the savegame information. After a soft reset, the SMSSAVE tool can then be used to write that information from memory back to disk. Next time you start SMSLOAD, you can then add the savegame to the SMSLOAD command instruction, which will load the savegame back into the Playsoniq memory and then execute the rom.

In our opinion this is a very clever trick. Also, in the past we heard some users say they liked the PlaySoniq very much, but regretted that progress in games that had some sort of back-up was lost every time they had to quit playing.

This has now been solved, thanks to BiFi!

Grab it at

PSQTOOLS updated and SMSLOAD for PlaySoniq released!

TNI informs us that PSQTOOLS, the toolset for the PlaySoniq module has been updated! Three new tools have been released: PSQSAVE and PSQLOAD, to save and load PlaySoniq module settings and SMSLOAD, a tool to load and run Sega Master System ROM images. SMSLOAD also supports Sega SC-3000 and SG-1000 rom files, when the correct extension (e.g. is given at the command line. Grab them at the TNI site:

Playsoniq tools

Already announced last year on is the new Playsoniq tool made by BiFi of TNI, called PSQTOOLS.

These are support tools for the PlaySoniq module. As more tools are released, the archive is updated. Currently the list of tools is:


  • Show the MSX screen on both the MSX VDP and Sega VDP in the PlaySoniq module


  • Configure every setting in the PlaySoniq module:
  • Memory layout
  • SCC(+) emulation
  • Frequency selections:
  • VBlank frequency
  • Composite output signal
  • SID frequency
  • Base I/O port configurations
  • Special features:
  • SCC join PSG
  • Sega pad overlay
  • Sega OPLL
  • Show current settings

BiFi also updated the MSX rom loader ROMLOAD (imho the best romloader around) with support for the DAC of the Playsoniq.

Please download his tools from the TNI website:



Thank you again BiFi!