Sample code for Franky available

As reported earlier, Kralizec is busy with porting existing games to Franky. Kralizec also started with making code to support MSX compatible screen mode2 on Franky. We asked Armando (main coder) if it would be possible to share his code with the rest of us. Luckely Armando agreed.

His code detects if Franky is present and does all the initializations to ready the Franky screen mode (MSX screen 2 compatible mode).  Also included is the compiled rom file. You need a tool like loadrom for MSX-DOS to load the 32kb rom. The rom first detects if Franky is present, initialize Franky and then shows a snapshot of Arkanoid on Franky and at the same time shows a color rotation on MSX (on the Franky VDP interrupt). Feel free to download, study and use for your existing or new productions. Thank you Armando!

Link to Franky Example code (zip file)

To execute the example rom you need a tool like loadrom which can be downloaded here:

Link to loadrom (lzh file, can be unpacked with Winrar under Windows)

For your convenience we also put the Sega loader tool online:

Link to Sega Loader (zip file)


3 thoughts on “Sample code for Franky available

  1. Hi Ikeda,

    We have send you a specially made RGB cable for Japanese SCART monitors. We don’t have such monitors, so we used a schematic we found on the internet.

    However: I just found this page on the Internet:

    Looking at the schematic we used for your card you might need to adjust Franky and the cable.

    First of all: all the Franky cartridges we are selling now have 5 Volt on pin 11 at the Franky side. Your card is older and doesn’t have that modification.

    Second: It looks like some Japanese monitors expect 5 volt on Japanese SCART pin 11 and this pin 11 needs to be connected to pin 16 with an 3.3k Ohm resistor.

    To make this story short:
    Your Franky needs 5 volt on PIN 11
    pin 11 on Franky needs to be connected to PIN 11 on Japanese SCART connector
    PIN 11 on Japanese SCART connector needs to be connected with 3.3k Ohm resistor to PIN 16 of Japanese SCART connector.

  2. Ikeda: We have mailed you with details how to adjust your Franky card to include support for 5V on pin 11 and which modifications you need to make on the Japanese SCART cable. Good luck!

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