Converted software for Franky

One of our happy Franky users, PCEFAN, has adjusted a lot of games so they work (better) on Franky. PCEFAN also made some custom loaders for different types of memory. Of course we can not host those games here. A solution would be to host the IPS patches instead. unfortunately we don’t have the ability to host files on this WordPress site. If you know a good place to hosts the patches please let us know.

The following games are manually adjusted (please note that you still need a loader tool):

Alien Syndrome Ninja Gaiden
Alien Storm Outrun
Air Rescue Pacmania
Action Fighter Pitfall 2
Alex the Kid in BMX Trial Power Strike 2
Alex the Kid in High Tech World Quartet
Alex the Kid in Shinobi World Rastan Saga
Alex the kid in The Lost Stars Rtype
Altered Beast Sangokushi 3
Choplifter Scramble Spirits
Cloud Master Shadow Dancer
CyborgHunter Shinobi
Dynamite Dux Smurfs
Eswat Solomon No Kagi
Fantasy Zone The Maze Space Harrier
Fantasy Zone 2 Street Of Rage
Forgotten Worlds Street Of Rage 2
Gauntlet Thunderblade
Galaxy Force Time Soldiers
Global Defense Vigilante
Gokuaku Doumei Dump Matsumoto Wonderboy
KungFu Kid Wonderboy 3 The Dragons Trap
Maze Walker Wonderboy In Monster World
Mercs World Games
Moon Walker Zaxxon 3D
Ms Pacman Zillion
FantasyZone The Maze
Global Defense
Gokuaku Doumei Dump Matsumoto
KungFu Kid
Alex Kid In High Tech World
Alex Kid Bmx Trial
Solomon No Kagi
Alex kid The Lost Stars
Dynamite Dux
Wonderboy In MonsterWorld
Space Harrier
Ms Pacman
Rastan Saga
Power Strike 2
Street Of Rage 2
Street Of Rage
Action Fighter
Altered Beast
Cloud Master
Time Soldiers
Wonderboy 3 The Dragons Trap
Moon Walker
Ninja Gaiden
Shadow Dancer

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