Franky Cartridge Enclosure .STL files

Dear all,

Due to populair demand we hereby publish the .stl files of the Franky cartridge enclosure too. Some people had problems converting the Sketch-up files. With these .STL files you can 3d-print a compatible casing for your Franky project. Most professional 3d printer companies also accept these .stl files. Have fun with it.

Link to zip file containing the stl files



Conversion tools for Franky development

Bifi has updated his Franky development page with new conversion tools for cross development from Armando Pérez Abad. These are binaries for Linux, OS-X and Win32 of:

  • SR52SMS
    SCREEN 5 to Franky Mode 4 Tile converter (8*8 pixels)
    SCREEN 5 to Franky Mode 4 Sprite converter (8*16 pixels)
  • C sources of mentioned tools
  • Z80 sources with example code of how to use Franky Mode 4

These tools can be downloaded from

Franky Mode 4 development tools

Albert Beevendorp (better known as BiFi in the MSX community) just informed us that he has put a developer webpage for Franky online. On this page you will find the latest development tools to program for Franky Mode 4. New tools are currently in development and will be released in the near future. Links to other Sega Master System development tools and information that is useful for developing on Franky is also present. Please check for details. Thanks BiFi!

New version of Franky example code

Armando has send us a new version of the Franky example code. the following routines are new or changed:
  • checkfranky changed: New version of detect routine of Franky.
  • checkrefresh: (Thanks to MKII for this code). Check if Franky card is PAL or NTSC (50 or 60hz). hz var is 1 if franky is NTSC and 0 if Franky is PAL. This code is very important for coders to control music replayers. This has to be tested with NTSC Franky cards.
  • keyint flag. You can control the interrupt with this flag. If you want the KEYINT BIOS routine enabled put value != 0 in this var.
The code and rom can be downloaded here:

Franky Box Art -W.I.P.

It’t not finished yet and might be changed completely, but here’s a peek. Inspired by a 1931 lobby card and a poster of Frankenstein the movie, I think it fits perfectly. Take a look. Franky is redrawn in Japanese Super Deformed style. Everything is made with Adobe Photoshop, converted with Vector Magic and then imported in Adobe Illustrator. This version took about 10 hours.

Franky box art

VDP Victory Day at the MSX Meeting in Mariënberg

Today our team had a great time in Mariënberg. Not only because of the enthusiastic crowd that cheered us about our idea to make a Sega VDP card a reality, but more importantly: we showed that it actually works. We successfully managed to run and show some Sega games on the card, 100% fully working and playable without glitches or slowdowns. Besides this we also proofed that this VDP is MSX1 compatible by running MSX1 games (with Sega color palette) after loading a patched MSX1 bios in the TurboR. You could even use MSX Basic on the second monitor (left one in the video). Also, we showed how to run MSX games on cartridge through the Sega VDP.

MSX1 Basic output on the Sega VDP

Valis cartridge running on the Sega VDP

It was great fun at Mariënberg and we will be there, hopefully with our first batch of sample cards, in August. Ever seen Sega games running on MSX? Or Konami games running on a Sega VDP? Watch the video!