Franky Cartridge Enclosure .STL files

Dear all,

Due to populair demand we hereby publish the .stl files of the Franky cartridge enclosure too. Some people had problems converting the Sketch-up files. With these .STL files you can 3d-print a compatible casing for your Franky project. Most professional 3d printer companies also accept these .stl files. Have fun with it.

Link to zip file containing the stl files


Build your own Sega VDP cartridge

Franky DIY PCBThanks to Brazilian MSX developers FRS and MSXPró, we can now publish a do it yourself guide for building your Sega own Audio and Video cartridge named “Franky”.


FRS took over some bare-boned pcb’s and worked out a instruction manual together with MSXPró. MSXpró improved the original design with better audio, audio and CVBS connectors and support for real vga monitors (that can handle 15KHz signals).

Because the cartridge enclosure needed for the board is hard to come by, we developed a 3D model of the  cartridge enclosure needed together with Dutch 3D- model company D-byte, which we offer as a free download to use in your own personal projects. This model is compatible with Philips NMS 1250 and Sunrise Moonsound type casings. The model is in the Sketchup format (plug-ins exist to export to .stl and other formats your 3D printer accepts)

D-byte Franky casing. Casing for DIY Franky project. Side view.

3D Printer Franky casing, free download.

Price for one Franky PCB board is 15 euro. That includes worldwide shipping (unregistered by letter mail). Please note that this only contains the pcb. You will have to acquire the necessary parts yourself (the part list is in the manual).

Link to the Franky DIY manual (.pdf): DIY Franky manual

Link to the cartridge enclosure file for 3D printing (.skp): Franky Cartridge Casing 3D model


Thank you for your support and happy holidays!

P.S. The order page and form is now updated, you can order one or multiple pcb’s. Please note that multiple pcb’s will be only send registered, so you need to order 6 pcb’s or more to make it cheaper for worldwide shipping.

Conversion tools for Franky development

Bifi has updated his Franky development page with new conversion tools for cross development from Armando Pérez Abad. These are binaries for Linux, OS-X and Win32 of:

  • SR52SMS
    SCREEN 5 to Franky Mode 4 Tile converter (8*8 pixels)
    SCREEN 5 to Franky Mode 4 Sprite converter (8*16 pixels)
  • C sources of mentioned tools
  • Z80 sources with example code of how to use Franky Mode 4

These tools can be downloaded from

Franky Mode 4 development tools

Albert Beevendorp (better known as BiFi in the MSX community) just informed us that he has put a developer webpage for Franky online. On this page you will find the latest development tools to program for Franky Mode 4. New tools are currently in development and will be released in the near future. Links to other Sega Master System development tools and information that is useful for developing on Franky is also present. Please check for details. Thanks BiFi!

New version of Franky example code

Armando has send us a new version of the Franky example code. the following routines are new or changed:
  • checkfranky changed: New version of detect routine of Franky.
  • checkrefresh: (Thanks to MKII for this code). Check if Franky card is PAL or NTSC (50 or 60hz). hz var is 1 if franky is NTSC and 0 if Franky is PAL. This code is very important for coders to control music replayers. This has to be tested with NTSC Franky cards.
  • keyint flag. You can control the interrupt with this flag. If you want the KEYINT BIOS routine enabled put value != 0 in this var.
The code and rom can be downloaded here:

It’s a Sega! Or is it? First batch is in!

Well, it has been a bit quiet on our website for the last four weeks, but behind the screens we were all busy with Franky. It took our Chinese friends a couple of weeks to produce our requested sample batch and send it. You can view the almost completely assembled result here:

Franky sample batch

Currently we need to get pal oscillators, but these seem to be hard to get. Of course RGB and audio already work, but as you might have noticed, we also included a PAL/NTSC encoder so, depening on the oscillator used, you can use CVBS out no matter your regional location. What’s also cool about this design is that it support both SMS videochips made and it can handle a lot of diferrent IC’s for the video memory. Another cool thing is the included volume adjuster on the PCB.

We almost have all the parts to produce about 40 pieces of this first generation Franky card. We’ll do our best to keep the final sale price to a minimum. If you are a active developer, but with an empty pocket, let us know 😉

Franky Box Art -W.I.P.

It’t not finished yet and might be changed completely, but here’s a peek. Inspired by a 1931 lobby card and a poster of Frankenstein the movie, I think it fits perfectly. Take a look. Franky is redrawn in Japanese Super Deformed style. Everything is made with Adobe Photoshop, converted with Vector Magic and then imported in Adobe Illustrator. This version took about 10 hours.

Franky box art