Stock information

Dear customers,

We are sorry to say but currently the stock information is as follows:

  1. Playsoniq – sold out. We have some bare pcb’s left that could be finished. However, finding the parts is difficult and we are busy with a new project. We don’t know yet when this product will be available again.
  2. Modulon – first batch is sold out. We are looking into making a new batch, but we don’t have any time table for this. Maybe we will make changes to the design and this will take more free time we don’t have at the moment.
  3. MIDI-PAC. Sold out. Worp3 is busy with a new batch. New redesign is ready, software is not. We expect this product around the end of Q1 2016 or early Q2.
  4. MSX-Audio. We might produce some new boards in cooperation with MVM. Don’t expect these before Q2 2016.

Please keep using the order form. This will tell us that there is demand for these products so we might put some little more effort to reproduce them. Also, people who are so kind to use the order form will get on the reserve list and will be contacted first when new batches arrive.

All our free time and efforts are now being redirected to finish a new product we have been working on for the last two years. We hope to tell you more early 2016.

Thank you for your support,

SuperSoniqs & Worp3

Stock information

Dear customers,

Currently our PlaySoniq and MIDI-PAC’s are sold out. The last few PlaySoniqs are now being build and we hope to reply to your orders in the next few weeks.

We’ve gotten a lot of questions about the PlaySoniq lately, we will compile a list with the questions and our answers and post it here shortly.

The MIDI-PAC has gotten a redesign and will be available again when the internal software is ready. We hope to ship out MIDI-PAC’s again around October.

Please note that you can still place orders, you will be contacted first when new stock arrives.

Thank you for your continuous support.

PlaySoniq Toolset updated, SMSSAVE released

BiFi informs us that PSQTOOLS, the toolset for the PlaySoniq module has been updated.

SMSSAVE is completely new and can savegame data for Sega Master System roms that had support for battery back-upped save states.

SMSLOAD now not only loads Sega Master System, SG-1000 and SC-3000 roms files, but also loads Sega Master System savegame data created with SMSSAVE. SMSLOAD now also supports displaying  SG-1000 and SC-3000 ROM images on the MSX VDP, because these games are TMS9918 compatible. Funny when you realise that we already had the option to use the PlaySoniq for the MSX1 screen output (with the tool DUALVDP), and can now put Sega SG and SC roms on the MSX VDP output.

BiFi uses the PlaySoniq stateful memory option to reserve one part that is then configured as SRAM and used by the loaded rom to write the savegame information. After a soft reset, the SMSSAVE tool can then be used to write that information from memory back to disk. Next time you start SMSLOAD, you can then add the savegame to the SMSLOAD command instruction, which will load the savegame back into the Playsoniq memory and then execute the rom.

In our opinion this is a very clever trick. Also, in the past we heard some users say they liked the PlaySoniq very much, but regretted that progress in games that had some sort of back-up was lost every time they had to quit playing.

This has now been solved, thanks to BiFi!

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