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  1. Hello,
    Some time ago I became interested in your project VDU card master system / Mark III for msx.

    I am a correspondent for a magazine whose first issue is due out in August / September, called The magazine covered the world of video game machines and retro.

    In this magazine I’m amendments machines, hacking solutions and new interfaces for all the old consoles and micro machines.

    It is natural that my interest has focused on your work.
    Who incidentally simply amazed me (I knew that this was feasible interface MSX but I did not have the capacity to achieve it.)

    I wanted to write an article about what your card at the same time to promote and make known your product (ILO greenhouse effect an international magazine in french and english).

    This is why I used to send you this mail whether it was possible to buy one of your card to perform tests and photos required for the preparation of my article.

    thank you in advance Gaetan Cornet.

    • Hi, at the moment we are busy with a new PCB for a small sample batch. These are intended for developers only, but maybe we are going to sell a few. I will let you know when the cards are ready.

  2. Hello, I’m interested to build a “clone” of Franky. You can provide-me a schematic of Franky?

    It is perfectly possible to reproduct only with information from the manual, but I’d avoid the work of reverse engineering to reconstruct the circuit.

    ‘m A Brazilian MSX and electronics enthusiast. The cost of buying a Franky is quite feasible by distance, customs costs and currency exchange rate.

    If interested in knowing my work, visit my site. (Portuguese only, use the google translator)

    My recent work ,is to build a msx audio card using yamaha OPL3.

  3. PSG over SCC of playsoniq is great!
    However, can not only emulate ROM image that I’m sorry.
    Do not you also run DISK image now?

    Do it, you do not make the hardware to play the SCC as MIDI-PAC?

    • Hi Kuro,

      I’m not sure what you are asking. Which rom image does not work? You need romload or loadrom to load roms (most should work with the basic loader though.

      It is not possible to control the SCC by the MIDI-PAC. Tjeerd of Worp3 also doesn’t have any plans to program it. You can ask him why 😉

      • thanks!

        I want play DiskGame in SCC .
        It play a real disk.

        For example game
        Ys、Xak ….etc.

        PSG : NG
        PSG -> SCC: OK
        FM+PSG -> FM+SCC :OK

        It can do? playsoniq.

      • Hi Kuro,

        You can activate SCC over PSG in basic with the following commands:
        OUT &H2A,&H21:OUT &H2B,INP(&H2B) OR 2

        Then you can use POKE &HF346,1 and call system to run MSX-DOS based disk games or run”autoexec.bas” for games with basic loaders.

        If call system or run autoexec.bas doesn’t work, please try DEFUSR=0:a=USR(0) to soft reset the MSX. SCC over PSG should still work after the soft reset.

  4. Hi. (Sorry for my very bad english)

    Please can you help me.
    I search the simple solution in BASIC for two questions:

    1) I want use the 16Mo of Playsonic with the PlaySmp.
    PlaySmp use Memman on the first.
    (I have read again and again the UserManual only my english and knowledge in Basic are very very short)
    Can you write the “Complete commande line” Here please?

    2) I want use Joystick 1 and Joystick 2 symultanéous with SMS games.
    I have make some teste without success.
    (Sorry i dont understand the explanations :()
    Can you write the simple “complete command line” for newbee.

    Thank you for yor excellent product.

    Just a note:
    Beginners would also like to play with the possibilities offered by the Playsoniq.
    Simple examples to provide a better understanding your expert explanations.

    In advance, thank you for your help.
    best regards.

    • Hi Igal,

      Your memman question has been answered in the forum I believe. For your other question, this is a device made by hardware designers for programmers. So we really would like to see some buyers create (dos)tools for this device. Anyone up for the task may contact me 😉

  5. I am a very passionate music artist and specially love the SCC and SID chip. What would be great to me is to be able to use the sound capabilities of the PLAYSONIQ from MIDI. What I mean is that I would like to use the MSX and PLAYSONIQ as a MIDI musical instrument and that the SCC / PSG & SID would be called from MIDI to play, from an outside tool, say ABLTON LIVE. Of course the sound output would be to be best as possible.

    I personally have two MSX computers; 2x Yamaha CX5M II/128 with external disk drive and the MIDI belly cart SFG-05 that has the YM2151.


  6. Hello, I have a question about Franky DIY:
    What part (transistor) is supposed to be installed in the place above the 33pF variable capacitor?
    Moreover, is the part on the left of the above a 4.7uH inductance or what?
    Thanks in advance.

  7. In the meantime I’ve found some other way to make things work. I only asked the name of a part, can’t you just write it down in a reply?

    • Hi Marco, we have different versions of the PCB. I thought it would be easiest to give you access to some photo’s of example builds so you could compare. I’m glad to hear you’ve solved the problem already.

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