SuperSoniqs Shop is open!

Dear MSX-users, thanks to Eric Boez from Repro factory we now have our own shop! In it are most of our products you know and some new ones! Let’s order!

Easy ordering and paying

It is now possible to easy order and pay for products. For our most popular products it is now possible to place pre-orders, so we can start scouting parts and start production. In the past we could only do very small batches. With pre-orders we can order pcb’s with smd components pre-soldered so we can produce faster and reduce waiting times.
We have build some new products and we will finally produce some of our earlier products again the coming months. The PlaySoniq will be produced again after 5 years, as will the MIDI-PAC2 and Modulon. Darky, our Stereo ePSG audio expander is available for pre-order although it will take some more time to finish it. Our latest family member ‘Neotron’ is now being produced.
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Doramus Drum Controller

With our Doramus Drum Controller for the Guitar Hero Drum set you can finally enjoy the best Rhythm game for TurboR. Limited first batch ready for ordering and shipment.


Ever wanted to hear NeoGeo or Arcade sounds playing from your MSX? With Neotron you can! Developed with Jun Soft this VGMplay compatible OPNB cartridge with 15 extra sound channels will rock your ears!

Neotron Information

Thank you for reading!

And stay tuned, we are busy with some more MSX products which we will announce soon and add to our shop! Please allow us to close pre-ordering when maximum amounts we can produce in the next months have been reached.


Conversion tools for Franky development

Bifi has updated his Franky development page with new conversion tools for cross development from Armando Pérez Abad. These are binaries for Linux, OS-X and Win32 of:

  • SR52SMS
    SCREEN 5 to Franky Mode 4 Tile converter (8*8 pixels)
    SCREEN 5 to Franky Mode 4 Sprite converter (8*16 pixels)
  • C sources of mentioned tools
  • Z80 sources with example code of how to use Franky Mode 4

These tools can be downloaded from

Franky Mode 4 development tools

Albert Beevendorp (better known as BiFi in the MSX community) just informed us that he has put a developer webpage for Franky online. On this page you will find the latest development tools to program for Franky Mode 4. New tools are currently in development and will be released in the near future. Links to other Sega Master System development tools and information that is useful for developing on Franky is also present. Please check for details. Thanks BiFi!