Supersoniqs Dark Friday Deals

Dear MSX-users, This e-mail informs you about some great Dark Friday deals. Since we produced some extra items this is your chance to get some of our products at a discount! We also added a lot of cheaper shipping options!

We have only a few Darky’s left from our second production run. This stereo sound card comes with a box, foam insert and a full-color manual.

We found out that the Super Mario World port for MSX has full Darky support! This means stereo effects in all levels, echos in underground levels and stereo conversion for MSX Music. Please check out [MSX] Darky Sound Cartridge Test. In this video you can also listen to some adjusted other MSX games that make use of the stereo PSG support of Darky.

Please note that some of the tools shown have newer versions already. They can be downloaded from his Github page here: GitHub – ToughkidDev.

MSX YouTuber ToughkidCST has made a video for first-time Darky users that can be viewed here: MSX SuperSoniqs DARKY – First Day Guide. In the video you can see how to set the parameters of Darky.

Get your Darky here!


We have a few copies left of our Modulon slotexpander with a big Dark Friday discount!

Please secure your copy here!


We have a few Neotron soundcartridges for MSX from our third batch left. To refresh your memory: with Neotron you can play many OPN soundchip sounds from various console and arcade systems. Trackers for PC and mobile devices exist. Now available for a special black friday price!

Go to the Neotron order page


We made another batch of our best selling MIDI-PACv2. MIDI-PACv2 converts all your PSG and FM-PAC/ MSX MUSIC data to MIDI data on the fly. With Windows or with an external MIDI module you can enjoy all your MSX games in full wavetable stereo.

Get your MIDI-PACv2 at our discounted Dark Friday price!

MIDI-PAC Contest!

We will give 100 euro store credit to the MIDI-pacv2 user who makes the best YouTube video in explaining how the MIDI-PACv2 configurator ( works! Please show us how you can send extra midi commands and access additional midi soundbanks of your midi-module (we’ve seen too many videos of MIDI-PACv2 use without adjusting the MIDI-PACv2 for a particular config). Let’s help each other! The contest ends on December 31st 2021.


  • Language used must be English (spoken word or inline texts in your video to explain)
  • MPconfig shows different settings and applies them, the result are shown in a game or musical program
  • The video that explains MPconfig and the overall use of the midi-pacv2 the best will win the contest
  • SuperSoniqs will decide the winner(s) before February 2022. The winner’s name will be announced in the next newsletter if the author agrees.

If there are multiple entries we’ll throw in a second and third price too. Prices for second and third place to be decided.

Did you make an mpc config file for a midi module that is not listed yet on’s website? Please share those with us. We’ll throw in some extra small prices for the best submissions too.

MPconfig and other utils can be found on the website (

Update: this campaign ended. The winner is Youtuber “SuperDeadlite” and his video can be watched here:

A lot of cheaper shipping options available!

We did some testing with shipping out MIDI-PAC’s and Neotron in Letterboxes. Since we didn’t got any complaints from you we will now offers those discounted shipment options to all our customers. Please note that these options are only available for small single items (with tracking and without tracking). Also, letterboxes are not well protected for damage during shipping because of their size. Please decide carefully.

To ease the pain for bigger items and or orders we now also offer shipping without tracking for those items. Please note though that without tracking we can not help you when packages are lost. And shipping will take some weeks extra. Still, together with our Dark Friday Deals you can save considerably on your new purchases, up to 50%!


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