Autumn is coming. Luckily.

Some new or improved MSX items to cheer you up. Who needs summer anyway?

New Slotexpanders Available!

Made with super smooth black resin, it’s hard to discover this is actually 3D-printed. This time mostly with low insertion force gold plated slot-connectors. At a discount price.
Modulon – Supersoniqs

No time to look at falling leaves with this Dual Slot SD-Card Reader

A few copies left of this durable and reliable SD-Card reader with 512KB memory mapper for MSX1 and up.

Dual Slot SD-Card Reader plus 512KB Memory – Supersoniqs

A new MIDI-PAC2 batch is currently also in production!
Order MIDI-PAC2 Here

Robby, our Voice module for MSX

Yes! Ready for production! This is Robby, our Voice module for MSX. Now your best friend can talk to you too! It’s now possible to order your copy of our initial batch of 50 pieces.

Support our development here: Robby the MSX Voice Module


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