PlaySoniq tips

Some users report that their FM-PAC is not working with the PlaySoniq. Others report that the joysticks are not working. For FM-PAC support you first have to activate the FM-PAC. After typing CALL MUSIC (or add this enty in the sega.bas file) everything works. Albert Beevendorp wil release a tool with which you can activate the FM-PAC from MSX-DOS. We hope to make this available soon. For joystick support you also have to edit the sega.bas file. By default only the keyboard is active. To change this, change line 120 by entering ‘ 120 OV=4 ‘ and save “sega.bas” again. Please note there’s an overlay matrix in the manual were you can check which option best suits your needs, or the game you want to play. PCEFAN reports that overlay code 3 works best in most situations. Just try and check the results for your configuration.

If you experience soft SCC sound, there a few ways around this. First of all, there’s a volume adjuster on the PCB which you can adjust to balance the SCC mixing. Please check the manual for details. To get full control over the audio mixing, also for mixing OPLL sounds with PSG, MSX with PlaySoniq and our upcoming MIDI-PAC we bought a Behringer VMX-300 3-Channel audio mixer. These can be picked up for about 50 euros at local or webbased trade-in markets. New it’s about 120~150 euros. We got ours for 50.

You can see the VMX-300 and the MIDI-PAC prototype in action here:


PlaySoniq on Sale

Already spotted in the wild by some of you, but now it’s official: the PlaySoniq is on sale! The price of this multi-expander is set to 150 euros. The default connector cable from the PlaySoniq to Euro-SCART is 15 euro. A customized cable for J-SCART, CVBS or extra audio outputs can be made for you (please allow for some extra delivery days), prices are around 25 euro. Worldwide shipping not included. Please ask for details.

The first software package is ready and we have been busy with the instruction manual. Detailed information for users and programmers included. Check the PlaySoniq User Manual v1.3 on our documents page for all its amazing features.

Our product packaging (the outside box to shelve) will be produced by Sunrise by the end of this year and all buyers can apply for a free one (shipping excluded) when they’re ready. Please note that all PlaySoniq expanders will be send with a cartridge enclose (as seen on the above photo). We will start to process your orders at Monday the 6th of September. As all expanders have to endure testing, not all orders can be send out immediately.

Send your pre-orders to We will contact you when we are ready to process your order. Until then!

SuperSoniqs announces ‘PlaySoniq’

After months of preparation we are now at a point that it is safe to announce our next product the PlaySoniq: This exiting new multi-expander for MSX compatible computers will open up a great deal of new possibilities. It’s main features are:

  • Sega 315-5246 Audio/Video chip (found in latest Sega Master System II game consoles)
  • PAL/NTSC Encoder (50/60Hz real-time software switchable)
  • MOS Technology 6581 or 8580 Sound Interface Device (SID), also found in the Commodore 64/128.
  • Up to 128 Megabit RAM (16MB) addressable memory
  • Memory switchable between MSX or Sega Master System mode
  • Spartan FPGA running at 80Mhz
  • SCC/SCC-I (in FPGA) + 512KB Konami mapper, compatible with romload, loadrom and others
  • JTAG Connector
  • PSG to SCC redirecting in FPGA hardware, software switchable
  • Real-time Joystick, Keyboard and OPLL to MSX remapping when in Sega Master System mode.
  • Support for +/- 400 Sega Master System, SC-1000 and SG-3000 games
  • Software switch for VDP addresses: MSX1 Mirror mode, SEGA (Franky) or Colecovision mode
  • Total of 13 extra sound-channels, SID filter controllable
  • Gold plated slot-connector for durability

At the moment the production of the PCB with the SMD components has started. Afterwards, we have to finalize the PCB’s and product packaging. Some final testing and programming also needs to be done. We hope to start shipping in August. We’ll do our utmost best to keep the final sale price between a Moonsound and a OPL4 shockwave ;-). We have published a little video about the manufacturing process for you. Enjoy! (If you get an error while playing, please select 480p resolution first.)

MIDI-PAC Sample Music

Tjeerd of WORP3 informed us that developments on the MIDI-PAC go well. And he wanted us to hear the progress already. Please note that the algorithms to convert MSX Music to MIDI out commands  are still being tweaked. The software to create mappings for MIDI instruments is also still under development. In the mean time please enjoy the following recordings (made with a Roland Sound Canvas SC 55):

Demo 1
Demo 2

Illusion City:
Demo 1
Demo 2

Demo 1
Demo 2

Xak: Tower of Gazzel
Demo 1
Demo 2

Of course, in the end the final quality of the sound output will be determined by your equipment and instrument presets made.

Update October 2010: Please note that these audio files are in not representative anymore. The current quality that the MIDI-PAC can deliver is way better.

Kralizec’s Goonies ‘R Good Enough runs on Franky!

We just found out at the MRC that Kralizec is releasing their new game “Goonies ‘R Good Enough’ on the next 37th MSX users meeting in Barcelona, which will be held on June 19th in Barcelona. The first 35 buyers will get an official Goonies badge and a poster. The game is priced at 35 euro and the cartridge also contains a SCC and PSG in FPGA. Apart from being a great game, the best news is of course that this game also supports the MSX1 compatible screen mode of Franky ;-). Which could be nice for those users who have Franky and a MSX1, but no RGB output on the MSX1.  It’s also great for testing your Franky card.

The game can also be ordered from the MSX cartridge shop and Sunrise if you are unable to attend the meeting. Check Kralizec at the MSX cartridge shop for details.

There’s an old promo of the game on Youtube:

Converted software for Franky

One of our happy Franky users, PCEFAN, has adjusted a lot of games so they work (better) on Franky. PCEFAN also made some custom loaders for different types of memory. Of course we can not host those games here. A solution would be to host the IPS patches instead. unfortunately we don’t have the ability to host files on this WordPress site. If you know a good place to hosts the patches please let us know.

The following games are manually adjusted (please note that you still need a loader tool):

Alien Syndrome Ninja Gaiden
Alien Storm Outrun
Air Rescue Pacmania
Action Fighter Pitfall 2
Alex the Kid in BMX Trial Power Strike 2
Alex the Kid in High Tech World Quartet
Alex the Kid in Shinobi World Rastan Saga
Alex the kid in The Lost Stars Rtype
Altered Beast Sangokushi 3
Choplifter Scramble Spirits
Cloud Master Shadow Dancer
CyborgHunter Shinobi
Dynamite Dux Smurfs
Eswat Solomon No Kagi
Fantasy Zone The Maze Space Harrier
Fantasy Zone 2 Street Of Rage
Forgotten Worlds Street Of Rage 2
Gauntlet Thunderblade
Galaxy Force Time Soldiers
Global Defense Vigilante
Gokuaku Doumei Dump Matsumoto Wonderboy
KungFu Kid Wonderboy 3 The Dragons Trap
Maze Walker Wonderboy In Monster World
Mercs World Games
Moon Walker Zaxxon 3D
Ms Pacman Zillion
FantasyZone The Maze
Global Defense
Gokuaku Doumei Dump Matsumoto
KungFu Kid
Alex Kid In High Tech World
Alex Kid Bmx Trial
Solomon No Kagi
Alex kid The Lost Stars
Dynamite Dux
Wonderboy In MonsterWorld
Space Harrier
Ms Pacman
Rastan Saga
Power Strike 2
Street Of Rage 2
Street Of Rage
Action Fighter
Altered Beast
Cloud Master
Time Soldiers
Wonderboy 3 The Dragons Trap
Moon Walker
Ninja Gaiden
Shadow Dancer

Toshiba HX-MU900 MSX Audio upgrade kit available

Do you have a Toshiba HX-MU900 FM-synthesizer unit and you wish you could do more with it? Now you can! It took us a while longer to produce the MSX Audio upgrade kit for the Toshiba HX-MU900 FM-synthesizer unit but it’s here! This upgrade will add 256KB sample ram to your Toshiba FM-synthesizer unit and has the same features as the MSX-Audio ROM for the Philips Music Module (latest version included, see our earlier posts). The original Toshiba program is also included in this ROM. Give your Toshiba module what it deserved a long time ago!

Currently we are busy with finalizing the installation manual, it will be published shortly. Please do note that this upgrade is complex and it will take an experienced technician with good soldering skills about an hour to install.  Price of this upgrade is 35 euro without shipping. Contact us for details: