VDP Victory Day at the MSX Meeting in Mariënberg

Today our team had a great time in Mariënberg. Not only because of the enthusiastic crowd that cheered us about our idea to make a Sega VDP card a reality, but more importantly: we showed that it actually works. We successfully managed to run and show some Sega games on the card, 100% fully working and playable without glitches or slowdowns. Besides this we also proofed that this VDP is MSX1 compatible by running MSX1 games (with Sega color palette) after loading a patched MSX1 bios in the TurboR. You could even use MSX Basic on the second monitor (left one in the video). Also, we showed how to run MSX games on cartridge through the Sega VDP.

MSX1 Basic output on the Sega VDP

Valis cartridge running on the Sega VDP

It was great fun at Mariënberg and we will be there, hopefully with our first batch of sample cards, in August. Ever seen Sega games running on MSX? Or Konami games running on a Sega VDP? Watch the video!


4 thoughts on “VDP Victory Day at the MSX Meeting in Mariënberg

  1. Absolutely the best mod I have seen in a long time! Top marks to you guys, especially proving the shared heritage of the VDP’s. If I wasn’t so tied down with real work stuff (at the moment – may change later) I would convert some of my games to run on it!
    Keep up the good work.

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