3 thoughts on “Aleste 2 and MIDI-PAC

  1. Hi,

    I did some recordings with the MIDI-PAC and Fm Stereo Pack simultaneously.
    Recordings are available for Feedback and Aleste 2 with the SC-55 MIDI module.
    Other games will follow soon!

    A very pleasant surprise for owners of Fm Stereo Pack (FM PAC clone) together with MIDI-PAC gives a nice effect that I have named “MIDI BLASTER”.

    Coming up next are the recordings of sound tracks from Audio Wave Demo 2. MIDI-PAC plus the FM Stereo pack together gives extraordinary results.

    Here is my personal page where I posted the soundtracks.

    Further information:
    MIDI-PAC flashed with the 16 KB FM PAC rom works perfectly together with the FM Stereo Pack.
    I use an MSX2, the Philips NMS 8250.

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