MIDI-PAC Prototype

Two days ago our prototype PCB’s for the MIDI-PAC came in from China. Shipping took much longer than expected so unfortunately we can not show a working product yet at the Dutch MSX fair in Nijmegen tomorrow. We made some pictures of the first assembled board, cartridge and art for the cartridge so you can at least have a sneak peak:

MIDI-PAC Proto Front


We keep you posted about our developments. Now it’s time to work on the software again!


14 thoughts on “MIDI-PAC Prototype

    • The cost of midi-pac will be determined after a few working proto’s have been released to developers, but it probably will have a nice price tag on it šŸ˜‰
      For now I need to finish the bootloader and the fm-pac flash capability, after which those midi-pac’s can be updated through my web-page!

      • Update:
        I did finish the Bootloader, so it’s now possible to update your Midi-Pac with newer released versions.
        Also implemented the original instrument support yesterday, so the firmware is coming very close to completion šŸ˜€

    • The implementation of those original voices did take a lot more time then expected. It was a giant leap when I finally came up with a reasonable good working algorithm. Sounds a lot better know šŸ˜€

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