SuperSoniqs announces MIDI-PAC

Currently in development in cooperation with WORP3 is a new MIDI interface card for MSX. Based on software emulation MIDI-PAC will enable MSX users to enjoy high quality sound through their existing MIDI gear.

Output from all MSX-MUSIC compatible programs will be converted to MIDI data on the fly. This works for games, but also for trackers.

MIDI-PAC comes in a normal size cartridge and will connect to MIDI equipment through a standard MIDI DIN plug. We use a mini usb connector socket on the cartridge, but that’s only because of space limitations in the cartridge. Normal MIDI signals will be put on that connector. An adaptor cable will be delivered with the final product.

The MIDI-PAC will include a flash rom to support a modified rom so your favorite games will detect MIDI-PAC as a real FM-PAC (only IPS patch will be distributed). Software is in development to support patching the MSX-Music instruments to MIDI instruments. This way, settings can be made and loaded per game or application.

We hope to show the new prototype on the next Nijmegen fair.

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