MIDI-PAC Sample Music

Tjeerd of WORP3 informed us that developments on the MIDI-PAC go well. And he wanted us to hear the progress already. Please note that the algorithms to convert MSX Music to MIDI out commands  are still being tweaked. The software to create mappings for MIDI instruments is also still under development. In the mean time please enjoy the following recordings (made with a Roland Sound Canvas SC 55):

Demo 1
Demo 2

Illusion City:
Demo 1
Demo 2

Demo 1
Demo 2

Xak: Tower of Gazzel
Demo 1
Demo 2

Of course, in the end the final quality of the sound output will be determined by your equipment and instrument presets made.

Update October 2010: Please note that these audio files are in not representative anymore. The current quality that the MIDI-PAC can deliver is way better.


4 thoughts on “MIDI-PAC Sample Music

  1. Hmm, is it me or is the snaredrum missing in all those songs?

    The problem is probably that Microcabin heavily used PSG for the drums and instruments, so maybe the MIDI-PAC has to be changed a bit to support PSG as well 🙂

    For a next batch of demo songs, maybe use some Compile games since they were mostly pure MSX-Music. That might give better results.

    Other than that, good work, I’m curious what the final product will sound like.

    • You are probably right about those snare-drum’s as i did adjust the snare-drum gain. On my XG module the snare-drum was really loud but on a SC-55 they are not, it could have sounded that they where absence.
      You where already referring the PSG problem, a lot of sounds are played using the PSG which i don’t support.

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