The PlaySoniq multi-expander for MSX computers is the successor of Franky. It not only features the Audio/Video processor from the Sega Master System II consoles, but also a powerful Spartan FPGA processor running at 80Mhz, A Commodore 64/128 audio processor (SID), 16 Megabytes of memory and a switchable PAL/NTSC encoder (Analog RGB and CVBS output supported). SCC and SCC-I hardware emulation is build in the FPGA. The PlaySoniq has advanced features such as PSG over SCC redirection (play all your MSX PSG game music and effects over SCC), adjustable VDP addressing for easier porting of e.g. ColecoVision software, Mirroring of MSX1 video output over the PlaySoniq video output, switchable native memory support (8 megabit) for Sega game playing and much more. Also, the FPGA processor dynamically insert MSX code in Sega programs. This means that OPLL (MSX Music/FM-PAC) support,  keyboard and MSX joystick support is supported without the need to run converter software first. The PlaySoniq features a total of 13 sound channels. Software for loading sega games and playing SID files is provided.

This great new MSX expander can be obtained for 150 euro. A standard video cable can be provided for 15 euro. Custom made cables can be ordered for 25 euro. Contact to obtain yours!

Watch the demostration video’s by Brazilian MSX user DTOXBR here:

Playsoniq playing Sega games:

Playsoniq dual monitor mode:


Franky DIY PCBFranky is a Sega Audio/ Video expansion cartridge for MSX compatible computers. It has a joint audio/ video processor used in the Sega Mark III and Sega Master System consoles. It has its own video memory, a solid RGB connector compatible with the RGB cables of the One Chip MSX and a build in volume adjuster. Franky is not a Sega console on its own. Franky uses the Z80 and memory of your MSX to run. We offer tools to convert existing Sega programs and MSX users are developing new games and tools for this device.

We currently only sell the pcb only for this device for your DIY project. A manual explaining how to build up the pcb is available. Price is 15 euro including worldwide (non-registered shipping).

Get it while stock last! Contact

MSX Audio Expander for the NMS 1205 Philips Music Module

Philips Music Module ExpanderThe MSX Audio Expander converts your Philips Music Module into a Panasonic MSX Audio compatible device. This means that you will have 256KB sample ram, new Bios and MSX Audio Basic available after the upgrade. The upgrade comes as a small PCB that can be installed in 13 easy steps. Some soldering skills needed! Price is 35 euros plus shipping.

This product is being produced again and will be available somewhere in 2017.

MIDI-PAC2 (new, 2017)

MIDI-PAC2 is the successor of the famous MIDI-PAC  developed by WORP3. MIDI-PAC2 will reroute all your MSX Music AND PSG compatible software to an attached MIDI out connector. This way you can enjoy the sound of all your PSG and OPLL games and music software with your MIDI equipment.  It’s time to dust off your Roland MT-32 or Sound Canvas. Hearing is believing! The MIDI-PAC2 is now available for only 70 euros (plus shipping). You can watch some demos with midi-pac2 here:


Modulon overview Modulon is our 4-port slotexpander, with a twist. The 3 ports on the top can be switched on and off, and the enclosure is made with an 3D-printer. For each port a volume adjuster is present, to balance music when working with multiple soundchips. Modulon can also be stacked with another Modulon, to give three primary slots and four IO/slots in total. Each Modulon can be externally powered with an 5 volts ac-adapter (not included).