Order information

Dear customers,

We get a lot of questions lately of people who order a MIDI-PAC2, PlaySoniq and Modulon, among other stuff.

Here’s how the order proces works: when you place an order, we put your name on our reservelist for the chosen product. Sadly, for most products we can not meet demand directly. We produce a few pieces, sell it, scout parts, save some money for a new production run and then deliver to the people who have made a reservation. Current policy is that we will not ask money beforehand until we know for sure we can deliver your item within a few weeks.

So, filling in our order form secures your place on our reservation list. If we have stock we will contact you with payment instructions.

Currently a small batch of Modulons is being produced, which will go to the people who made reservations some time ago. We are busy with a big batch of MIDI-PAC2’s which looks like it will be bigger than our reservation list so we can finally also do some advertisement for it. For the PlaySoniq we are still scouting parts for a new batch, but this is almost complete. Also we have an idea how to restart the production itself. This could take some months. So, keep those orders coming and rest assured that while we can’t inform you on a daily basis we will contact you when we can deliver your order.

For our new product called “Darky” (See earlier posts below) development now lies with Worp3 who also did work on the design. Thanks to Tjeerd we now make great steps in development, weekly.

Thank you for your support and happy MSX-ing!