Projects and order status

Dear customers,

First happy new year to you all! Hopefully we can all achieve some great goals this year and make our life a bit better.

An important part of some of our lives are of course toying around with our old MSX homecomputers and to see if we can learn those old machines some new tricks. We got great plans, but real life eat most of our time so we got to settle with what we can do in the time available to us.

Currently we are busy with the following:

  1. Scouting the necessary parts to restart production of the PlaySoniq, our multiexpander for MSX.  This has proven more difficult than expected because we use a lot of parts that are obsolete for quite some time. But we are getting there and we hope to run a new batch later this year.
  2. The Modulon is being produced again. We already finished the pcb’s for a small new batch and are now working with suppliers to see if we can 3D print the casings again for a reasonable price. We hope to have some ready at the end of January. Please note that people who have reserved/ordered a Modulon in the past year will be contacted first; there’s no need to order again if you ordered before.
  3. We are busy to see if we can produce a extension cable for the Modulon. Hopefully we got more news on this soon.
  4. The MIDI-PAC2 has finished development and is now being produced. We hope to start shipping in February. Selling price will be 70 euros without shipping. This device supports PSG over MIDI next to OPLL to MIDI and we are very excited about this product. WORP3 redesigned the hardware but also the software has gotten a complete overhaul with much more tweaks due to faster hardware. Also: people who were on the waiting list for a MIDI-PAC1 will get an invitation to buy the MIDI-PAC2 first.
  5. Our stereo ePSG project ‘Darky’ is moving on slowly. The first prototypes are being send to developers and we are already busy to test the hardware together and yes some bugs needs to be addressed before we can go to production. We have no estimate yet when this product will be available. Hopefully we got more news soon.
  6. We are busy with reproducing a small batch of MSX Audio prints. These will be available later this year.
  7. We are investigating to reproduce the Philips NMS 1250 cartridge casing with injection moulding. This design is also used by Sunrise and in some of our products. The 3D design is almost finished. Because injection moulding is quite expensive we are looking to people who would like to participate in obtaining some professionally produced cartridges for their own projects, and need more space than the konami sized alternatives offers. We are thinking of reselling batches of 50 pieces for about 4 euro per piece (so 200 euro total) to cover total production costs. Please mail us (info @ thisdomain) for more info. Please note that we want to make this -as all our products are- free of profit. So if we can reduce the production costs we will charge less per batch.
  8. We have some other (small) projects on the drawing board but is too early to make announcements yet. Hopefully later this year.

Have fun in 2017!


The SuperSoniqs team.