Supersoniqs Announces Intelligent Slot Expander “Modulon”

It’s has been quiet here for the last months, but behind the screens we are still busy with developing new products.

Our latest creation is “Modulon”, a four slot expander for MSX1 and higher computers.

modulon PCB

Modulon has the following features:

  • It works with the PlaySoniq *1
  • Has it own 3.57 Mhz crystal (clock) to support (audio)cartridges in overclocked systems *2
  • Can be stacked with additional Modulons for extra slots. The second expander (and up) will configure itself into a I/O expander.
  • Will fit in- and have a modified MT-Telecom cartridge enclosure (factory modifications are currently being tested)
  • Supports an external AC Adapter
  • Uses standard components for future modifications or repairs
  • The three top slots are on/off switchable
  • Compact design
  • Gold plated contacts
  • Like multi-chip music? Modulon has separate volume adjusters for all four slots.

The price is set to 100 euros. Currently we are looking for ten test-users that can field-test the expander (with the clock). You will get Modulon for a 25% discount. Test users will get support during testing and repairs if needed. Interested? Please mail info at to apply and please include information about your current setup (old MSX computers/ Playsoniq users would be needful) 😉

Modulon casing

We need more MT-Telecom casings. Please mail us if you want to trade-in yours or get a discount when ordering Modulon.

*1: with a maximum of 4 MB memory config; all other functionality supported without limitations.
*2:the separate 3.57 MHz crystal option does not work with older DRAM based memory modules.
Future versions will have the option to order Modulon with the crystal, without it,
or with partial support (f.i. last slot MSX clock and the three slots on top connected to the crystal).

11 thoughts on “Supersoniqs Announces Intelligent Slot Expander “Modulon”

  1. Questions:

    1. Does “It works with the Playsoniq” have something to do with the ability of Playsoniq to act like a slotexpander itself?
    And if so, what is special about Modulon compared to a normal slot expander in this regard?
    Normal slotexpanders do not check for inserted slot Expanders. Something to do with proper masking of slot register bits.

    2. What is the use-case for the volume adjusters?
    Use case? We just liked the blue colors of the volume adjusters. Just kidding. It’s for adjusting the volume in those cases you are using multiple chips and are unable to do so software wise. And maybe they are also for future products of which we can’t say anything yet 😉

    3. Is the modularity any different from the normal behaviour of inserting a slotexpander into another slotexpander, or is this simply a marketing “feature”?
    Part marketing (it always helps to tell people what stuff your device can do, regardsless of what other devices might do, we don’t know everything about everything) and the other part is that the I/O functionality does not always work with other slot expanders we have tested.

    Now for some suggestions:

    1. Personally I would like a separate audio output for every slot (and then optionally block that audio going into the MSX). That would give you higher audio quality and allow you to use an external mixer for mixing, for example, several SCC and FM-PAC cartridges.

    We had this on the drawing board, but decided we couldn’t get it placed orderly in this PCB design. Maybe someday in the future. But as I have said, you’re free to mount them yourself on the casing. We really looked at what we could place on the PCB. We want to avoid mounting stuff with loose wires ourselves. That would increase production time and costs. And frustration because then we have to do that on every one we have to build.

    2. The left-over MT-Telcom PCB’s can still be very useful for conversion to (and selling as) RS232 interfaces.

    Actually we use some parts of the MT-Telcom for testing new projects and to repair other electronic devices.

  2. It’s nice to see new slot expanders being produced.

    I guess Modulon has a feature to switch off access to the secondary slot register kinda like PlaySoniq when the Sega mapper mode was selected (heavy technical stuff here) and that stacking another Modulon to it will do the same with that second Modulon.

    Also, it’s weird as specifically I/O devices should work in any case.

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