MIDI-PAC on sale at Nijmegen!

In two weeks the MSX fair in Nijmegen (the Netherlands) will take place. Tjeerd of WORP3 has been working around the clock to get some MIDI-PAC’s  ready for the upcoming fair in Nijmegen. The MIDI-PAC will convert OPLL (MSX Music/ FM-PAC) data to MIDI data on the fly. This means that you can play all your favorite games  with your favorite MIDI equipment.  The first tools were programmed in MSX Basic. Luckely Tjeerd decided to reprogram them all for MSX-DOS. Tools for loading custom configuration files are ready.
The first release of the new configuration tool to adjust the musical instruments and all kind of other MIDI parameters is almost finished. We would like to thank Tjeerd’s wife for her patience 😉 and Manuel Pazos for arranging the product packaging. Hopefully we will have the product packaging too before Nijmegen. Tjeerd has made some recordings available for those of you who cannot wait until the Nijmegen fair. The recordings are made with a custom build Yamaha XG module based on a DB50 expansion pcb. And although the MIDI-PAC works on most General MIDI equipment, we recommend Yahama XG MIDI Modules if you are planning to buy a module and don’t want to spend a fortune. If you don’t want to spend money on MIDI modules at all: instructions for using a PC as a MIDI module will also be provided in the manual. Anyway, listen to our latest recordings and be amazed!

Compile soundbite

Fire Hawk:
First level


Song 1 (you can compare it with an old one we posted earlier to hear the advancements: Old song 1).
Song 2 (you can compare it with an old one we posted earlier to hear the advancements: Old song 2).
Song 3.

Tower of Gazzle:
Song 1

Princess maker
Song 1

16 thoughts on “MIDI-PAC on sale at Nijmegen!

  1. a question:
    with a modification of midipac’s firmware or its applications,
    it would be possible redirect msx-music to moonsound in wave mode
    and play the games with it? so… as other project…. I mean! 😉

    • Even if we start a project like that, why would you want to use a chip that is so old fashioned ? There are a lot more choices then that opl4 (moonsound) chip ?

    • Maybe you could put the moonsound into an msx that has a midi interface and run/program a application that reroute your midi in directly to the moonsound.
      You then can play games on a second msx equipped with a MIDI-PAC that has a midi connection to the first one 😉

  2. Hi.

    I received the MIDI-PAC. Transport is fast with TNT. The product is very well protected. The finish is beautiful. “Bravo”. I bought an SC-55 Expander.

    1) The MIDI-PAC can translate the MSX-MUSIC and MSX-AUDIO!
    2) Can he translate FM-PAC and MUSIC MODULE same time???

    Can you tell me how please!

    I’m primarily interested in SME 3 (PSG, SCC, FMPAC, MUSIC MODULE)

    • Hi Igal,

      Good to hear that the MIDI-PAC did arrive safely !
      To reply on your questions:

      1: Wrong, the MIDI-PAC is for MSX music only, no support for audio.
      2: No he can’t, as he don’t support audio.


      P.S. Trust me, there where some good reasons not to support MSX audio 😉

  3. Hi Igal,

    I’ve tried the Audio Wave 2 & 3 and you are right both music disk’s don’t recognize the MIDI-PAC default identification rom as a MSX music, probably they are searching for a FM-PAC or a turbo not really for a music.
    Both music disk are working if you put in a additional FM-PAC !

    So what you can do if you don’t have an additional FM-PAC is to program one of the first FM-PAC rom’s inside the MIDI-PAC with the following command:

    mpflash fmpac.rom from within a msx dos prompt.

    This will make the MIDI-PAC FM-Compatible even with the basic extension but it will not work nicely if you combine it with a real FM-PAC due it will conflict with itself.

    Due to the copyrights i can’t give you the fmpac rom but it’s somewhere on the internet, go search for “Panasonic FM Pac 16 KB V1.3 1988 04 26 (1988)(-)(FMPAC.ROM).rom” on google and yo probably will find it, don’t forget that you will need the 16KB version not the 64KB !


    • Hi

      Your solution with the “FMPAC.ROM” work perfectly. I can use Midi Pac with all softwares Msx now. It work with Fm Stéréo Pack Simultanéous for a wonderfull Musics an Sounds effects.

      I’have an other question please!

      Can i plug the midi pack to my PC with a [Mini Usb]=>[Usb] cable and make a Scéquence with a software like Cubase?

      I want créate a backup of MIDI (the signal, not the sound) of the bests Msx games!

      thank you.

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