Toshiba HX-MU900 MSX Audio upgrade kit available

Do you have a Toshiba HX-MU900 FM-synthesizer unit and you wish you could do more with it? Now you can! It took us a while longer to produce the MSX Audio upgrade kit for the Toshiba HX-MU900 FM-synthesizer unit but it’s here! This upgrade will add 256KB sample ram to your Toshiba FM-synthesizer unit and has the same features as the MSX-Audio ROM for the Philips Music Module (latest version included, see our earlier posts). The original Toshiba program is also included in this ROM. Give your Toshiba module what it deserved a long time ago!

Currently we are busy with finalizing the installation manual, it will be published shortly. Please do note that this upgrade is complex and it will take an experienced technician with good soldering skills about an hour to install.  Price of this upgrade is 35 euro without shipping. Contact us for details:

5 thoughts on “Toshiba HX-MU900 MSX Audio upgrade kit available

  1. You should list this kit on your Products page too, since only as news it will soon not be easy to find.
    Another good idea is to anounce it as MRC news. I didn’t noticed this product until now because it was announced only on the forums.

    • I’m sorry, what is your question exactly? You can read about the upgrade in the manual (it’s in the docs section). The upgrade can be ordered. Currently we don’t have a modification for the MSX Audio 1.3 Bios.

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