SuperSoniqs announces reproduction of FRS’s MSX Audio upgrade

Thanks to FRS publishing his schematics of the MSX Audio Upgrade for the Philips Music Module a while ago, it became possible to recreate his great work on upgrading the Philips Music Module to an almost full fledged Panasonic MSX Audio cartridge. This means that features like the MSX Audio Basic will become available after upgrading your Music Module. Changing the CALL MUSIC command in FM-PAC Basic listings to CALL AUDIO will play all those musics on your Music Module. ADPCM commands will also become available in Basic. Furthermore, games and disk magazines with support for MSX Audio (like those of Compile) will automatically detect and use your Music Module. The upgrade board also features a 256KB sample ram upgrade.

This project started in May this year. After some setbacks all components and PCB’s are finally in. We hope to start selling the upgrade including an DIY manual at the next MSX fair in Nijmegen. Also, we found Bas Kornalijnslijper ( willingly to start an upgrade service for those of you that don’t have the time nor skills to do the upgrade yourself.

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