It’s a Sega! Or is it? First batch is in!

Well, it has been a bit quiet on our website for the last four weeks, but behind the screens we were all busy with Franky. It took our Chinese friends a couple of weeks to produce our requested sample batch and send it. You can view the almost completely assembled result here:

Franky sample batch

Currently we need to get pal oscillators, but these seem to be hard to get. Of course RGB and audio already work, but as you might have noticed, we also included a PAL/NTSC encoder so, depening on the oscillator used, you can use CVBS out no matter your regional location. What’s also cool about this design is that it support both SMS videochips made and it can handle a lot of diferrent IC’s for the video memory. Another cool thing is the included volume adjuster on the PCB.

We almost have all the parts to produce about 40 pieces of this first generation Franky card. We’ll do our best to keep the final sale price to a minimum. If you are a active developer, but with an empty pocket, let us know 😉